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Before Buddha or Jesus spoke, the nightingale sang, and long after the words of Jesus and Buddha are gone into oblivion, the nightingale still will sing. Because it is neither preaching nor commanding nor urging. It is just singing.
- D. H. Lawrence

I do not believe in a personal God and I have never denied this but have expressed it clearly. If something is in me which can be called religious then it is the unbounded admiration for the structure of the world so far as our science can reveal it."
- Albert Einstein




Phi - The Golden Ratio


MIT Video Lecture Series 803 - Vibrations and Waves

Libraries (what we earthlings "know")
The Internet Public Library
The Alexandria Digital Library (UCSB)
Los Alamos National Library

Online Magazines
The New Scientist

Science Daily
Science News
American Scientist
Science @ Nasa.com

Basic Cosmology (from Nasa)
Brightest Supernovae Explosion ever (May 7, 2007)
Eta  Carinae (7000 lights years away)

GRBs in Milkyway and extinctions

    The Sun
    Basic Knowledge- history, facts, etc.
    Todays snapshot: Spaceweather.com

Rock Guide
Mineral Guide
Timescales -Era, periods and epochs
History of the planet

Recent earthquakes in California
Today's Earthquake Hazard Potential - Palm Springs area of San Andreas Fault
Explanation for periodicity of mass extinctions
IRIS Monitoring -(A current picture of the world as viewed by Seimographs.)
Grace Images of Earths gravitational anomalies

Relationship between gravity waves, galactic center and earthquakes.

American Physical Society
The Grand Phyics Library
Ohm's Law
Fundamentals might be changing
Tony Smith
Tesla - the father of modern day electricity  (The Tesla Society)

    The holographic universe
    The spherical  standing wave structure of matter (WSM)
    The holographic universe
    David Bohm
    Electric Space
    Fusion Anomaly Website

Timeline of Inventions
List of US Inventions
Inventions by country   (Note: Japan has only 1 major invention!)

The Grand Father Economic Report
Prime Rate Chart
Fortune 500's list of the world's largest comapnies (oil, gas and cars rule the world!)
Government Spending
 Click Here to see where a dollar goes
 Why the Bank are collapsing- repeal of Glass Steagall Act by Clinton

    The Yield Curve
Fact: Every recession in this country since 1953 corresponds  with a negative Yield curve
Currect Yield Curve - presently Inverted as of Jan 2007
Historical Yield Curve ("moves like a wave")

Controversial Topics:

Earth's natural resonance (Schumann Resonance) is harmonic with the Human brains!
Electro Magnetic Frequencies Explained
Magnetites in brain powered by Earth's magnetic field

Global Warming   (It's about time- it's freezing most of geologic time) -
Facts: Ice Ages have dominated Earth's past.
The Full Science Facts
Each  ice age lasts 100,000 years
Geological records and facts
Global warming regardless of man's activities.

            This interglacial period is not unlike many others.
Vostok Ice Core: The temperature record
Mars once had Earth-like oceans
Background Data of Earth's temperatures the last 150,000 years (from Oak Ridge National Labratory)
Wallstreet Journal calls global warming a "myth" (Earth's temperatures are actually decreasing despite higher CO2 concentrations
Earth's Climate Changes
Cause 1.) What really starts global warming:  THE SUN  
(Fact: The Sun is getting warmer)

The top X Flare events - Spaceweather.com
Space Weather Center
GOES space satellite data
Effects on Power Grid
Marshall Space Flight Center Info
Nasa Predicts Solar Cycle 23 to be 50% larger then last
Plasma Theory of the Sun

Cause 2.) The Earths orbit around the the is not usually circular - it's ellipical!
Milankovic Theory

The Year 2012
Galactic Alignment
What is Galactic Alignment

Cosmic Jets at points of symmetry and alignment
Ancient Egyptian views- Sirius the Dog Star (a spinning Iron Giant 8 lights years away)
Cosmic Time Cycles - From AstroScience.info

Mind Control

Tesla Coil Project

Fusion Anomoly
The Pyrimids
Brain to Universe Connection
Are "after life" experiences real?

Facts on religions of the world
Bible Inconsistancies and Contradictions
History - How did it start (from PBS)
The Gospel - the true strory
Doomsday predictions

    United States not based on Christianity by founding fathers:
Also - a more neutral history of the US can be found at www.earlyamerica.com. This is a great history site. This site also talks about the secular traditions of the framers of the Constitution. They have a section I just found that has even more suprising information:  (Click here for article).
Jefferson Bible

This can be found on the best information source on the internet today:  Check here for the Wikipedia full article.

Other great resources